Car Rental

Advanced 4×4 Car Hire

Advanced 4×4 Car Hire offers standard or fully equiped 4×4 Vehicles for an unforgettable holiday in Namibia.We also supply 12v Fridges,GPS Systems, Two Way Radios and Satellite phones.We also offer 24Hour back-up service.
Big 5 Self-drive

We know what you need and spared NO expense to give you the very best and latest model vehicles fully guaranteed by us.
Camping Car Hire

Our company, in business for many years, offers you first-class service. Sedans and mini busses and fully equipped vehicles available – We supply you with all camping equipment and more!
Diamond Car and 4×4 Hire

Diamond Car Hire, we strive to make your car rental experience a hassle free and enjoyable one.
Dornbusch Car Hire

Our friendly service is your key to an unforgettable trip through Namibia.
Drive Namibia Car Hire

Car hire in Namibia. Find an affordable and reliable 4×4 rental vehicle for your self-drive holiday in Namibia. Let us advise you on camping and self-drive holidays!
Gecko Car Rental Namibia

Offering car rental, 4×4 car hire, camping car hire, unlimited mileage, 24 hour roadside assistance and a personal service.
Impala Car Hire

We are renting out vehicles that can all be equipped with Camping gear.
Namibia 4×4 and Vehicle Hire

Namibia 4×4 Hire strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced car hire in Namibia. Namibia 4×4 Hire is a car rental broker specialising in 4×4 vehicles and 4×4 Fully Equipped vehicles.
Odyssey Car Hire

Odyssey Car Hire specializes in the provision of utility vehicles for tourists wishing to travel off the beaten track.