Erongo Minerals

Minerals and speciments from Erongo and Namibia. Tourmaline, garnets, Amethyst,quartz,flourite

Erongo Vulcano Conservancy

In the neighborhood of Omaruru, situated in western Namibia are the Erongo Mountains. Over 60 Million years old, these volcanic ruins elevated to a height of 2300 m and a diameter of 40 KM …

GandK Environmental Consultants

Namibian Environmental Consultants specialising in environmental impact assessments, project management, research and development of policies and procedures, waste management, GAP analysis and more.

Geo Pollution Technologies

Earth and environmental consultancy focusing on environmental impact assessments and management plans, environmental auditing, soil, groundwater and marine water contamination studies, design and implementation of remedial and restoration technologies

Namibia Biodiversity Database

NaBiD is a growing biodiversity decision support tool that already includes information on 17000 species of Namibian plants, animals and micro-organisms.

Namibia Nature Foundation

The Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) is a non-profit non-governmental NGO whose mission is to “promote sustainable development and conserve biological diversity for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future