KumKum Game Ranch

KumKum Game Ranch, South Namibia, bordering Orange River. Great plains game trophies and leopard
Leopard Lodge

The Namibian Lodge with a special attractions to the spotted hyenas. The lodge is surrounded by the Namibian highland, with hills and valleys all around, supporting a large variety of game species.
Nossob Hunting

Unforgettable hunting about 60 km from the International Airport in the midst of Africa´s biggest wildlife population on 60 000 ha hunting concession area.One hunting group at a time. Personal atmosphere! Ethic hunting!
Okamapu Hunting

The guest and hunting farm Okamapu is situated about 110 km north-east of the international Airport Windhoek and within one of the best grazing and game areas of Namibia …
Omassa Hunting Ranch Namibia

The farm Ozombusomassa is a pristine hunting area over 25000ha with healthy populations of various antelope like Eland,Kudu, Oryx, Red Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Springbuck, as well as Warthog, Duiker, Steenbuck and Damara Dik-Dik.
Omuramba Hunting Lodge :: Hunting in Namibia, Africa

Omuramba Hunting Lodge is a small thatched oasis nestling in a large private game reserve. It is the best hunting experience you will find in the Southern Hemisphere.
Ondjondjo Jagdfarm

Ondjondjo is situated 400 km north of Windhoek. It is part of the Ngarangombe Conservancy, the home of the Eland.
Onganja Hunting

20 000 hectares of uninhabited, unspoiled nature waiting for you!!! Onganja offers a hunting experience which will always make you dream of coming back for more….
Sebra Hunting Safaris

The reward for real, hard hunting lies in the quality of your trophies!
Shona Hunting Adventures

We invite you to come and experience real trophy hunting with us.